Testimonials from workshop participants

“The content was particularly relevant to my life at the time I took the course, which proves that ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’. I have become more aware of how the Dharma principles work in my daily life. So that when I feel out of balance it is easier to identify what area is causing this, helping me see things clearly. This helps me remove obstacles and makes it easier for me to take the steps to put things right. This course has also focused my attention on the need to work on things that really matter to me. Looking at the Dharma model and realising the areas of my life where I am weak, has given me a map of how to improve on these particular areas and Michael’s advice on how to implement the changes has been invaluable.”

Annie Penny,
Sacred Earth Training

“Taking part in Michael Geary’s Dharma workshop has been such an eye opener for me. Learning about the Dharma model is not only interesting, but very useful to be able to apply it to my own life. I find I can make improvements in areas of my life that I may have been avoiding, and by doing this I now have a feeling of accomplishment. Rather than dwelling on life’s mistakes and past consequences, I now can go forward in life using the concept of Dharma to better my soul. I highly recommend Michael’s Dharma course if you are seeking self-improvement, want to know more about the concept, or just to figure out the complexities of human nature.”

Rachel Lyle

“The course has given me new tools to use in every area of my life. Attending the workshops has enriched my understanding of myself, in a way that affects everything on a day-to-day level. Everyone should be touched by this wonderful knowledge, and Michael teaches it in a gentle, humorous way. His teaching creates a safe space for going deeply into the subject and its value in life. I can’t recommend the course enough.”

Linda Raine, Health Care Professional

“The Dharma course is full of sage advice on how to live a better life. Michael delivers deep wisdom alongside practical tips on how to integrate the model into your own life in order to live more effectively and happily. The teachings stay with you long after the course has finished, nudging you into a better way of being, in fact almost all of us could benefit from the course and I have already recommended it to lots of friends!”

Susie Radford

“It amazes me how much Michael knew about me, how I think and where I am at in my life — just from my Vedic chart. His guidance gave me a sense of calm relief, self-acceptance and a renewed trust to live my truth and pursue my goals.”

Katherine Carey

“Michael is a wonderful educator and extremely knowledgeable. He is very calm when he talks. So, the information is easily absorbed. Michael’s workshops are well structured. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to know more of the value of life and how you can make a difference to yourself and others. Creating a happier environment for All to live in.”

Catherine Chevalier, Body Movement Coach

“I had the great fortune to meet and consult with Dr Geary during a major transitional period in my life. His insight was not only amazingly accurate, it was profoundly life changing. Dr Geary gently urged me to pursue my dreams -my true soul’s purpose- at a time when I had all but forgotten them. His ability to see the ‘big picture’ and his expertise in guiding others towards attaining their highest potential is truly a gift from the stars. I cannot recommend him enough.”

Yumi Roussin, Artist

“Michael is wise, kind, intelligent, visionary and compassionate. He has supported me through tremendous change and has helped me on my journey of transformation and improvement in a smoother, faster and clearer way. His balance of spiritual and business understanding greatly compliments his comprehensive skills.”

Lee-Anne Warwick, Entrepreneur

“Becoming aware of the Dharma model was a big first step for me. I now try to apply it in my daily life and can see how it really does help in practical ways. I recommend the Dharma course for people who are any stage in their life to bring balance and create harmony. The course offers a practical model to that really is valuable.”

Maisie Boyd

“Michael is a kind and sensitive teacher. I thoroughly enjoyed my workshop with him and found him very engaging and his subject extremely interesting. The chanting was excellent too! I will definitely work with him in the future.”

Belinda Tuffnel, Therapist/Counsellor

“The Dharma workshop offers an incredible model for living. The course has great presentations, with clear and coherent information. It’s a must for anyone interested in personal growth and a more joyful life.”

Katherine Franklin-Adams, Psychologist

“Michael is a very interesting speaker and a very knowledgeable person. He brings a warmth, humour and a generosity of spirit to his courses and he is also an interested in the participants of the courses.”

C. Plumridge