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Inspired by the World’s Wisdom Traditions

Cranmore Academy

The work of Cranmore Academy LLP is inspired by the world’s wisdom traditions and the research done at Cranmore Foundation. Since 2008 the partners of Cranmore Academy, Lucy Lowsley-Williams and Michael Geary have collaborated with scholars, culture-bearers, business people and private individuals to study those traditions with the aim of identifying universal principles and values that support human well-being and broad-spectrum sustainability. Cranmore Academy is dedicated to providing practical learning and life coaching opportunities based on those universal principles. We invite you to contact us for more information.

Cranmore Academy LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England & Wales Companies House registration number: OC360415

Cranmore Foundation

Cranmore Foundation researches the world’s wisdom traditions to identify universal values and design principles that support sustainable systems. The Foundation offers the result of its research efforts through the provision of white-papers, consultancy and public dialogue.

The Foundation recognises that today’s challenges require new answers. Its premise is that wisdom traditions offer modern society a potential valuable resource for crafting a new quality of knowledge-based solutions. The trustees of the Foundation are: Michael Geary, Bert Mulder, Hilder Mulder and Lucy Lowsley-Williams.

Cranmore Foundation is an Educational Trust Governed by the laws of England & Wales Charity No. 1135835

We welcome your inquiries on how you can participate. Information on the activities of Cranmore Foundation can be obtained by contacting us here.

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