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Being well, Doing well — The secret of how things work

An introductory workshop on four simple ideas that are the secrets of a good life.


The daily practice needed to master any art or succeed at any endeavour.


Harmoniously express your purpose in loving relationships with others.


Your core truth, pure voice and your authentic self.


The principle of purity encourages us to aim high.

our signature workshop

An introductory workshop on four simple ideas that are the secrets of a good life.

What can guide us in times of change and uncertainty? What can create clarity in times of confusion? How can we be certain about our chosen direction, while remaining open to discovery? How can we fully express our authentic self while also achieving harmony in our relationships and work?

Michael answers these and other questions by talking about Dharma – the yoga pathway to living a full and healthy life. He describes how living Dharma is achieved through four principles that can guide us and help us balance our lives. Participants leave the workshop with a new way of seeing the world and with practical tools that empower them to make optimal choices that improve their quality of life. The workshop includes presentations, discussions and mantra meditation. For those who want to participate, Michael also gives a summary of your personal Vedic astrological chart highlighting where the principles of the Dharma model can be found and uniquely expressed in your personal life.

Being Well, Doing Well

The secret of how things work


Truth (Satya) — “Being true to your deep self”

In this workshop we explore ideas on how to achieve genuine self-satisfaction by living a life of meaningful purpose.


Respect (Ahimsa) — “Relating & Relationships”

We explore how we find our meaningful purpose in relationships, and how healthy relationships nurture and validate us.


Purity (Saucha) — “Learning”

The wisdom ideal of Purity teaches the need to refine our lives by ‘removing what doesn’t belong’ – that is, whatever hinders the expression of our true self.


Effort (Tapasya) — “Doing”

We discuss the ancient ideal of tapasya or ‘disciplined focus’ – symbolised by fire – which is the generative force of creation, inspiration, insight and discovery.


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