Dharma at The Acorn wellness retreat

I just returned from a pleasant week at the Acorn wellness retreat in the Yorkshire dales, where we completed the Dharma Dynamics workshop series that began in October last year.

It’s been a journey of discovery since then, with laughter, tears, breakthroughs and deep insights into Dharma, life and each other. The group of 10 women participants bonded in friendship and mutual support, helping and being helped by each other in their unique personal exploration. After eight months, six days, lots of reflection and a bit of homework, it was evident how much each participant had been transformed by associating with the wisdom of Dharma.

The first day of last week’s two-day workshop was dedicated the principle of Effort and discussions on how to cultivate our passion for life and the importance of taking personal responsibility for it. On the second day I invited participants to discuss various problems to demonstrate how the Dharma model can be used to craft workable solutions. Our focus was to highlight the benefits of Dharma and how to practically apply the principles in real-life situations. On the other days I had the chance to meet with people to discuss their Vedic astrology charts, something I always enjoy doing.

The setting of the Acorn Wellness Retreat is magical itself and conducive to the kind of inner work we did. Built of all-natural non-toxic materials, the retreat provides an immediate healing effect upon entering the door. Decorated with beautiful crystals, scenic natural vistas, comfortable and restful sitting places, the place is an ideal sanctuary. Host and director Katie Kavanagh take a special interest in all her guests, welcoming them, tending to their needs and offering a range of healing treatments and therapies. After a treatment, sauna, steam and nap, guests are welcome to take a seat for a delicious plant-based lunch cuisine, or tea and snacks. Everything is homemade with love and tastes it.

We are back at The Acorn next month for a two-day workshop on the wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita. In September, we will also start another Dharma Dynamics course of six one-day modules, as well as an advanced course for graduates who completed the first course last week.

My wife Lalita and I look forward to seeing everyone again and visiting a place that feels like home. Thanks to Katie and everyone at The Acorn.




  1. bhaktijan das

    Keep up the Good Work !!!

    • Michael Geary

      Thanks for the encouragement. 😉

  2. Rasangi

    So wonderful to see the teachings of Dharma spread and being practiced! It gives me hope for the planet!💚

    • Michael Geary

      They offer significant new ways to think about vexing problems. And they work with careful application. x


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