The principle of Truth
& mantra chanting

Yorkshire gets more attractive every time we visit the Acorn Wellness Retreat in Harrogate. Yorkshire people are friendly and easy to talk to, often asking me and my wife Lalita, why we don’t move there! Someday maybe?

Katie Kavanagh and her team at Acorn hosted another of our Dharma Dynamics workshops on Thursday, this time on the principle of Truth. Thursday also marked the celebration of little Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan mountain with his pinkie finger for seven days, so we started and ended the day with some mantra chanting and light kirtan that everyone loved and relaxed into.

Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan mountain

We had a great group of participants, who approached the subject in earnest, getting a lot out of it with deep exchanges, helping each other look in the direction of their own personal truth. A big theme was the importance of crafting a meaningful purpose to our lives; essential if we want to attain a measure of self-satisfaction. We discussed that while we all have material needs, that nothing material can fully satisfy us. We agreed that real happiness comes from self-knowledge and a deep connection with others.

There were tears and breakthroughs, laughter, and unexpected silent moments of reflection. We all left the day with a greater sense that spending time with the truth, as a subject, is not just rewarding but necessary – now, maybe more than ever. We left knowing that we only scratched the surface, but that inspired us too, because we had a sense that there is so much more to be discovered. So, we will keep at it, and reconvene in January for a workshop on the Dharma principle of Respect and its role in our lives.

A talking mirror
I was also asked to do some astrological/coaching sessions. I sometimes explain that my role as an astrologer is to act as a ‘talking mirror’ by describing the symbolism of the chart with the aim of helping the person ‘see’ themselves more clearly – including their potential and opportunities.

It’s not always easy of course, because we also sometimes talk about what stands in the way of them realising that potential. Identifying the blocks and why they are there helps us work with the issues and frees up energy by helping us step outside of negative behaviour patterns. Once again, I had the chance to work with people who are committed to making progress, which is a rewarding privilege for me.

Dharma Dynamics Pilot Programme
My recent email invitation to my Dharma Dynamics pilot programme that starts this Saturday is now fully subscribed. Don’t worry if you wanted to attend and missed securing a place. I plan to launch the Dharma Dynamics course in early 2019. Please contact me if you are interested.

A week in a moment

Magic happens when you stop your busy life to pay a little attention every day to the truth of your unique spirit.

— Michael Geary




  1. Devarsi

    I wish I had known that you have been so close by.

    Ys Devarsi

    North east Lincolnshire
    Hare Krishna Society

    • Michael Geary

      I wish I had a sense that you were close by! Of course I just looked at a map and you are 2 hours away, but that IS shorter than 4. 😉 Next time perhaps? I hope all is well with you. Radhe


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