A warm Yorkshire welcome at the Acorn Wellness Retreat

After a busy weekend speaking about Dharma Dynamics at the London Yoga Festival, me and Lalita (my wife and business partner) made a pilgrimage north driving five hours to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside to visit The Acorn Wellness Retreat near Harrogate. We were well received by Katie Kavanagh who runs the retreat and after a day of rest we dived into a week of Vedic chart consultations and the first of series of Dharma workshops on the subject of Being Well – Doing Well.

The workshop participants enthusiastically engaged in the subject, listening to my presentation, doing exercises and comparing notes on life experience related to the subject. We are scheduled to be back for five more workshops days starting in mid-November, so if you are interested to attend and are in the area, visit their website for more information.



The ambience of Acorn is ideal for this kind of deep reflective work and discussion. Built from all-natural materials to a very high standard, situated in stunning wooded countryside, it’s the kind of place you walk into and immediately feel at home and at peace. Katie, who is the heart and soul of the place is helped by Sarah and Jane who go out of their way to provide a warm Yorkshire welcome.

In our casual discussions with Katie and others, we talked at length about how the Dharma model is especially useful for giving all of us some proven principles to help us navigate the uncertain times we live in. We expect to explore the idea of making the model more widely available in our next visit to Acorn. Can’t wait to get back there.

Meanwhile, for those of you who have attended my workshops or who are interested to learn more, I am holding a free refresher Dharma Dynamics course this Thursday, October 25th at 8pm London time. You are welcome to drop in, participate or just listen in to get the gist of the Dharma model and how it can benefit your life.

Register here to save your spot. Hope to see you then.

I look forward to sharing with you and exploring the beauty of Dharma in your life. We will touch on the following ideas:

  • Review the essential principles of Dharma
  • Simple Steps on how to apply them
  • Tools & Tips on using them in real-life situations
  • Putting them to the test to experience the benefits
  • Discuss & Share with like-minded people
  • Learn how your Vedic chart tells the story of your Dharma

Please, make sure to register here.

— Michael Geary




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“Being well. Doing well.”

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