My recent workshop at the London Yoga Festival, and what if you missed it…

Last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking on the topic of Dharma at the London Yoga Festival. My talk ‘Dharma Dynamics – the secret of how things work’ was well received by a great group of thoughtful yogis and yoga teachers – about 50 in all. I spoke about the Dharma Dynamics model and how it’s made of four universal principles that Vedic wisdom teaches are the cornerstones of a harmonious, sustainable and prosperous life. I discussed how the Dharma model can help us design authentic lives of meaningful purpose and that it gives us reliable guidance on making optimal choices in life.

I was happy to get a lot of positive feedback from everyone. One respected senior yoga teacher told me that the model “was a revelation” and that it explained a deep topic in “an easy, approachable way.” We also did some mantra meditation and offered everyone chocolate vegan gluten-free cake that went down a treat! (courtesy of Madhuvrata at sattva_cooking).

I invited everyone to attend a free refresher webinar on October 25th at 8pm GMT to review the big ideas of Dharma and discuss it more deeply. The webinar is ideal for those of you who previously attended my Dharma workshops; but is equally valuable for those who just want to dip into the subject to learn more. Feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested.

Register here to save your spot.

I look forward to sharing with you and exploring the beauty of Dharma in your life. We will touch on the following ideas:

  • Review the essential principles of Dharma
  • Simple Steps on how to apply them
  • Tools & Tips on using them in real-life situations
  • Putting them to the test to experience the benefits
  • Discuss & Share with like-minded people
  • Learn how your Vedic chart tells the story of your Dharma

Please, make sure to register here.

— Michael Geary



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  1. Alice and Richard

    We love you and Lalita and miss your sweet faces.


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