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Some Thoughts On Relationships

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Last month I consulted a few clients on the subject of love and relationships. I suspect it might have had something to do with Valentine’s day. One case was a woman who wanted to know ‘what the stars’ had to say about her new relationship. She was a long standing client and so knew that Vedic astrology is a lot more than simplistic ‘sun sign’ astrology. What she wanted was a compatibility chart and an understanding of the relationship’s potential. Where are its strengths or weaknesses? Where will we connect easily? What parts of the relationship might take more effort – or compromise? Will it last?

Vedic astrology gives us a way to assess the compatibility of any two people, whether it’s a romantic relationship or a business partnership, the symbolism of Vedic astrology accurately describes the nature, characteristics and temperament of a person and how well one person may harmonise with another. Further, for romantic relationships Vedic astrology offers a way to evaluate relationship potential according to twelve areas of compatibility, of which eight are prominent including: proclivity + propensity, magnetism, emotional flow, sexuality, attraction, mental disposition (psychology), temperament, mental/emotional connection, physiology and lastly, durability. This system, known as Kutas, allocates a score to each of the categories, which gives a weight or value to the relationship’s compatibility index.

In practice, the analysis of two charts and their compatibility is a complex and nuanced art. Good scores do not guarantee marital bliss, but they can indicate or symbolise aspects of a relationship that are likely to be stronger and therefore experienced as
more natural and easy.

The charts are also useful in identifying challenges or differences in a relationship, which can help the partners play to their strengths and work with their differences.

moon-astrology-for-lovers-michael-gearyIn my book, Moon Astrology for Lovers, I write that the symbolism in astrology helps us ‘understand the emotional language of another person’. Understanding that emotional language can provide insight into the inner world of someone close to you, and give you ‘a way to look beyond appearances.’ This kind of insight can help you build emotional bridges and get you to a place of understanding and acceptance. The symbolism of astrology helps you feel your way into your partner’s emotional language and help you experience their emotional world in the way they do. It can also help you stand back from yourself and give you a chance to see how your partner may see you.

Such insight can revitalise longstanding relationships that have become too familiar which makes the partners feel misunderstood or undervalued. New relationships can get off to a good start, set the right expectations and make the journey of discovery even more exciting.

The Vedas teach that we live in an imperfect world. Even great relationships have difficulties. The wisdom of the sages tell us that relationships are a field of self-discovery and self-actualisation. Because relationships can be a way to self-realisation, they often require work, compromise and effort. But this is a good thing. It makes us stronger and enriches us. And it can make our relationships stronger and more joyful too. Vedic compatibility charts can help you make sense of what challenges might exist in your relationship and help you turn them into a better understanding of each other.

Get in touch if you are interested to learn more about making the most of your relationship or partnership.

Meditation Tip

The full Moon this month falls on Sunday, March 16th. This is a special and auspicious day which is very good for meditation and reflection. You might want to take advantage of the day by taking time to reflect and invite divine grace and joy into your life.

“Being well. Doing well.”

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