A three-day seminar with Cranmore Foundation offered the opportunity to deeply reflect on the importance of values as guiding principles in asset management. Prof. Mulder and Dr Geary broadened the discussion beyond commonplace compliance and best practices to the notion of how deep values create lasting worth for business and society.

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Their presentation affirmed our own conviction that a values-based business model is the right way forward for revitalising investment and business. In actual practice, we have found that a values-based approach to our principal investment/asset management strategy has produced tangible results, such as improved returns on investment performance. A values-based ethos has distinguished our fund in the market place, and given us competitive strength by providing access to high quality investment opportunities. By taking a deep values approach, as advocated by Cranmore Foundation, values are the fabric and  core of our brand leadership. Cranmore Foundation offers business and organisations new perspectives based on long-standing proven wisdom principles.

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mansour“…we have found that a values-based approach to our principal investment/
asset management strategy has produced tangible results…”

Mr Saif Mansour, Managing Partner
Breakwater Investment Management, LLC

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