“Wisdom is not manufactured on demand. It takes time and patient cultivation.”

It’s my privilege to serve

Discovering fully who you are is the adventure of a lifetime. Regardless of how successful we are most of us have a sense that there is more to achieve and that there is untapped potential within us. Knowing what it is and how to realise it is the key to a fulfilling life.

I get to work with clients in 1 of 3 ways

1:1 Consultations & Coaching

Work with Michael for a Private Consultation, Personalised Coaching or Dharma Dynamics

Workshops & Seminars

Living dharma is achieved through four guiding principles that can help us balance and harmonise our lives.

Online Courses & Programs

Expected launch date of online courses autumn 2018. Watch this page for updates.

My workshops and <i>Life Strategies</i> coaching is based on the ancient Dharma model. Get acquainted with it using the interactive graphic below and by reading about previous participants’ experiences.

About the Dharma Model

The 4 Principles of the Dharma Model

Dharma is an ancient model of sustainable and harmonious living. Learn about its four principles with our interactive model on the right.

What participants have said …

“The content was particularly relevant to my life at the time I took the course, which proves that ‘when the student is ready the teacher appears’. …

… I have become more aware of how the Dharma principles work in my daily life. So that when I feel out of balance it is easier to identify what area is causing this, helping me see things clearly. This helps me remove obstacles and makes it easier for me to take the steps to put things right. …Michael’s advice on how to implement the changes has been invaluable.”

Annie Penny
Founder of Sacred Earth Training, anniepenny.co.uk

“Michael is a wonderful educator and extremely knowledgeable. He is very calm when he talks. So, the information is easily absorbed…

… Michael’s workshops are well structured. I would recommend his workshops to anyone who wants to know more of the value of life and how you can make a difference to yourself and others. Creating a happier environment for All to live in.”

Catherine Chevalier
Body Movement Coach, catherinechevalier.co.uk

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Careful Listening

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Living Wisdom – Managing Changes

Living Wisdom – Managing Changes

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“Being well. Doing well.”

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