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A typical consultation takes approximately 75-90 minutes and is recorded as an MP3 audio file that you can download afterwards. Most clients find the recording a useful tool for recollecting and reflecting on important details of the discussion. The fee for a consultation of this type is £225, which can be paid by credit card or via PayPal. Payment secures your appointment which is held via Skype.

Making the most of the session

To prepare the chart I will need your birth details — date, place and time of birth – as accurate as possible please. (If time is not known then an approximate time will do. In the least it is helpful to know whether the birth was daytime or nighttime.) You are also welcome to send a list of specific questions that are especially important to you.

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My use of Vedic astrology as a tool to coach clients can provide deep insights into their lives and circumstances. It is a time honoured ancient system that supports self-realization. The information taken from the chart indicates possibilities, even probabilities, but never certainties. The information provided is best used as a general guide and should not be taken as absolute fact. I always advise clients to use the information in conjunction with other proven decision making tools and certainly not as a replacement for common sense.

Lastly, appointment fees are charged solely for my time and expertise and not for written texts, printed charts or audio files as mentioned above.

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“I love serving and supporting the change-makers and dream-chasers that are getting their hands into the business of creating a better world.”

Michael Geary
Michael Geary

Personal Consultation


DURATION: 75-90 min
Chart Requirements:

  • Birth Details
  • Date, Place, Time

Please provide as
accurate as possible. Upon
receipt of your payment
you will be contacted to
schedule your session.