Policies and Disclaimer


Appointments are charged at the time of booking. You can pay on my website using PayPal or MC/VISA. You can also book an appointment and pay by credit card over the phone by phone. We do not store your credit card details. Call my UK number on +44 1666 575 309. In the USA call (413) 418-1009 on the East coast or on (310) 299-2875 for the West coast. You can cancel your appointment and receive a full refund up to 48 hours before your scheduled appointment. Please phone or email to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Emails should be marked high priority. I will confirm receipt of your cancellation by email. Please follow up with any cancellation notice to ensure that I receive it.


You can email customer service by telephone on +44 1666 575 309; by email at bookings(at)michaelgeary.co.uk; or filling in a request form at http://michaelgeary.co.uk/contact.


I invite clients to prepare for their session by sending me a list of topics or questions important to you. Ideally you will provide that to me prior to our session, at the time of arranging the booking.


As a courtesy to clients I digitally record all sessions so that you can download them afterwards. You have 30 days to download the file after which I remove them from my server, and with your permission encrypt and store them in case you need to access them in the future. Although I make every effort to obtain a good quality recording, it does sometimes happen that recording or storage equipment can fail. I always recommend that you also record and safely store the session file. After the 30-day availability period if you need your recording I ask for a £10 fee to post the file again on my server.


My use of Vedic astrology as a tool to coach clients can provide deep insights into their lives and circumstances. It is a time honoured ancient system that supports self-realization. The information taken from the chart indicates possibilities, even probabilities, but never certainties. The information provided is best used as a general guide and should not be taken as absolute fact. I always advise clients to use the information in conjunction with other proven decision making tools and certainly not as a replacement for common sense.
Lastly, appointment fees are charged solely for my time and expertise and not for written texts, printed charts or audio files as mentioned above.