Cranmore Foundation

Inspired by the World’s Wisdom Traditions

Designing Vital Organisations, Inspired by the World’s Wisdom Traditions

Cranmore Foundation engages in the study of ancient wisdom traditions to formulate new design principles for the creation of deeply sustainable businesses and organisations. The foundation seeks to create a dialogue between those with a spiritual background and those with a vested interest in better business. Cranmore Foundation shares the results of its research and dialogue with the public through its educational activities.

The Foundation aims to establish working partnerships with like-minded individuals, scholars and organisations. We invite you to support and participate in our research projects and to explore the application of universal design principles in your organisation by contacting us.

I welcome your inquiries on how you can participate. Information on the activities of Cranmore Foundation can be obtained by contacting us here.

Lucy Lowsley-Williams

About the Foundation

Cranmore Foundation researches the world’s wisdom tradition literature to identify universal values and design principles that support sustainable systems. The Foundation offers the result of its research efforts through the provision of white-papers and learning programmes for education, business and organisational education and leadership development. Cranmore Foundation recognises that today’s challenges require new answers. Its premise is that wisdom traditions offer modern society a valuable resource and aide for successfully managing the complexity of emerging systems.

Unlocking ‘living wisdom’

Modern society seems to have lost its ability to recognise and cultivate the deep quality of knowledge that lies at the core of many cultures. Current thinking tends to view them solely in terms of economic value, political power, religious tradition or as tourist destinations, therefore failing to unlock the living wisdom that shaped and sustains them.

Cranmore Foundation aims to achieve authentic cultural translations of these wisdom traditions through the process of deep reading, in order to unlock their universal values for use in education, business and government.