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A little backstory might help explain
what motivates me to do what I do.

Overcoming adversity and realising human potential are big themes in my life. I had a hard childhood thanks largely to a hard working but chronically violent alcoholic father. As the oldest of six I was the primary focus of his wrath, which I survived, unlike four of my siblings who I lost to drug addiction, HIV/AIDS, suicide and mental illness. I owe my survival to my spiritual interests, a creative temperament and a revolutionary outlook. It sometimes feels like I’ve lived many lives in one. My desire to understand my life and life’s mysteries led me eventually to the principles of tolerance, patience, acceptance and forgiveness. At an early age I realised that the love I wanted might only be found by loving others the way I wanted to be loved. To do that I set my mind on serving and helping others discover the best in themselves. I also understood that to do that, I had to somehow discover the best in myself.

My on-going journey for self-knowledge has been a game of ‘snakes and ladders’, one that’s included the life of a monk and some time on Wall St., contrasts that taught me the importance of daily self-reflection for living a balanced life. My life as a monk and my pursuit of wisdom teachings intersected with Vedic astrology one day, when ‘by chance’, I met a holy man in India who accurately described my life up to that point. When I asked him how he knew so much about me, he said he used ‘jyotish’ or the wisdom of the stars to help him understand my path in this life. He told me that I too would study and practice jyotish, a Sanskrit word for knowledge that illuminates. From that day in the mid-70s its study and practice has been one of my passions. I was lucky to have spiritual mentors who taught me that jyotish is a sacred art that requires empathy, compassion and non-judgement from the practitioner.

society-gauranga-inside-3Since then I have consulted over fifteen thousand people. My use of jyotish has deepened with experience but is now also supported by my use of universal principles found in the world’s wisdom traditions. Jyotish gives my clients and me a map of their potential, strengths and opportunities as well as an understanding of how time cycles in their lives may help or challenge them in realising their potential. The use of wisdom principles in my coaching helps them act powerfully to achieve their best.

I’ve applied these principles in my own life. In parenting my three daughters and four stepchildren (twin daughters and two sons) I recognised that they entered my life with their own unique potential and that my job was to help them discover that for themselves and encourage them to live it to the fullest. Each has succeeded in their own way, earning post-graduate degrees, studying social anthropology, Asian languages, herbal medicine, fashion design, yoga teaching and one becoming a top-ranking professional cyclist. I’ve always been passionate about supporting young people, which is one reason why I’ve coached many of them (along with their parents) on discovering their own meaningful life purpose.

When relationships in my life needed to change, wisdom principles helped me make those changes in a loving and respectful way that honoured both the person and the experiences we shared.

Experience has taught me that good endings are
as important as good beginnings.

I’ve also experienced the benefit of applying wisdom principles in business both as a webpreneur and as a coach to business people looking for strategic perspective. Our educational non-profit, Cranmore Foundation, researches the world’s wisdom traditions to identify universal principles that we then reformulate as design principles for building better businesses and a more sustainable society.

My work is based on the idea that everyone counts, that each of us has a role to play in creating a better world. Maybe this is why the people I help come in all shapes, sizes, ages and backgrounds. I am lucky to work with interesting people, perhaps because I am innately interested everyone I meet. We all have a unique story to tell, which I value and also learn from. Some of my clients are professional women who are active in human rights, health care, ecology, education, business and spirituality. Some are cultural creatives working to build a more equitable wholesome world. Some are businessmen who are pioneering alternatives, such as conscious capitalism and the notion of creating shared value for all stakeholders. Some are students of great promise and some have the most important job of all – being a mum. They all inspire me.

I love serving and supporting the change-makers and dream-chasers that are getting their hands into the business of creating a better world.

I welcome the chance to support you in making a better world, for yourself and for others. I invite you to sign up to receive my newsletter and download ‘Being well – Doing well’, a PDF that outlines some of the useful wisdom principles that inform my work. I also invite you to correspond with me and to attend my free webinars that I regularly host.

PS. Take a moment to read a client testimonial or two. Hearing their experience of working with me, how they benefit from my coaching, is the best explanation of why I am motivated to do what I do.

Live your best. Love your life.


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