On Relationships


Last month I consulted a few clients on the subject of love and relationships. I suspect it might have had something to do with Valentine’s day. One case was a woman who wanted to know ‘what the stars’ had to say about her new relationship. She was a long standing client and so knew that Vedic astrology is a lot more than simplistic ‘sun sign’ astrology. What she wanted was a compatibility chart and an understanding of the relationship’s potential. Where are its strengths or weaknesses? Where will we connect easily? What parts of the relationship might […]

Letting Go


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

– Hermann Hesse

After talking with a client the other day, I was thinking about the challenges she was facing in letting go of a part of her life that wasn’t working any more. She found it very difficult even though her attachment to that part of her life was recent and also a source of frustration.

There are plenty of reasons why we develop attachments to places, things and people and some of these are healthy […]

Swipe and Touch


If you are like me you use your smart phone a lot. Texts, emails, calls, weather, stocks, Facebook, internet and so much more is available at the touch of our handy screens. Making a phone call seems the least important of its features. For instance I can now make astronomically complex Vedic astrology charts in a few seconds on my phone, a task that previously required a powerful PC. Being so good at what they do means they are now the focus of so much of what we do.

I recently had the uneasy thought that the use […]

Careful Listening


In my last post I touched on the fundamental role that empathy plays in helping us live happy, meaningful lives. Careful listening is an expression of empathy. It’s probably one of the most powerful and useful skills we can practice. It’s the basis of wholesome relationships and a remedy for relationships that are not working. When we are able to listen carefully, we earn the other person’s trust and respect, which in turn can help them listen to our views.

A better way?

If careful listening is so helpful, why don’t we […]



Empathy plays an important role in our ability to live a happy, meaningful life. For most of us, empathy is a quality that comes naturally, in part because we are social creatures who survive by helping each other.

Our self-interest is, more often than not, better served when others’ interests are also well served. In his Social Conquest of the Earth, the scientist E.O. Wilson discusses how eusocial species, such as humans, thrive and dominate because highly cooperative groups beat poorly cooperative groups. In other words it makes good survival sense to get along and cooperate […]