The Use of Vedic Astrology in my Work


Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rob Elings (of robelings.com) about the use of Vedic Astrology in my work with clients. I get to speak on some of my favourite topics and I think we touched on some very interesting perspectives that I hope will help you gain some new insights of your own.

On Relationships


Last month I consulted a few clients on the subject of love and relationships. I suspect it might have had something to do with Valentine’s day. One case was a woman who wanted to know ‘what the stars’ had to say about her new relationship. She was a long standing client and so knew that Vedic astrology is a lot more than simplistic ‘sun sign’ astrology. What she wanted was a compatibility chart and an understanding of the relationship’s potential. Where are its strengths or weaknesses? Where will we connect easily? What parts of the relationship might […]



Empathy plays an important role in our ability to live a happy, meaningful life. For most of us, empathy is a quality that comes naturally, in part because we are social creatures who survive by helping each other.

Our self-interest is, more often than not, better served when others’ interests are also well served. In his Social Conquest of the Earth, the scientist E.O. Wilson discusses how eusocial species, such as humans, thrive and dominate because highly cooperative groups beat poorly cooperative groups. In other words it makes good survival sense to get along and cooperate […]

The launch of my new website.


Welcome to the launch of my new website.

My hope is that the site will be a place for people to explore and discuss how wisdom traditions can contribute to improving people’s quality of life and making a better world. I’ve experienced how these knowledge systems can improve people’s lives in a practical way.

I think there is much more to discover, ideas and principles that might contribute to helping us design a more equitable, harmonious and conscious world. I invite you to read my blog, participate in our Learning Circle, attend our […]