Letting Go


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

– Hermann Hesse

After talking with a client the other day, I was thinking about the challenges she was facing in letting go of a part of her life that wasn’t working any more. She found it very difficult even though her attachment to that part of her life was recent and also a source of frustration.

There are plenty of reasons why we develop attachments to places, things and people and some of these are healthy […]

Careful Listening


In my last post I touched on the fundamental role that empathy plays in helping us live happy, meaningful lives. Careful listening is an expression of empathy. It’s probably one of the most powerful and useful skills we can practice. It’s the basis of wholesome relationships and a remedy for relationships that are not working. When we are able to listen carefully, we earn the other person’s trust and respect, which in turn can help them listen to our views.

A better way?

If careful listening is so helpful, why don’t we […]

Pukka Herbs and ancient wisdom


On a warm sunny day, high on a hill overlooking Chew Magna lake, sheltered by a billowing network of tepees and sustained by delicious vegetarian food, Pukka Herbs Ltd. held their tenth anniversary celebration.

Leading the presentations by management, department heads, suppliers, distributors and shop owners was key note speaker Bert Mulder of Cranmore Foundation who talked about how the wisdom of ancient traditions can be used for creating vital, sustainable businesses today. Prof Mulder talked about the four values found in concepts like Dharma and how they can create success for business and for individuals. His inspirational […]

USCapitalPartners CEO About Cranmore


“Working with Cranmore Foundation at a three-day seminar provided inspiration and insight on the importance of a values-based approach to banking and finance. Dr Geary and Prof. Mulder helped us reflect […]