Pukka Herbs and ancient wisdom


On a warm sunny day, high on a hill overlooking Chew Magna lake, sheltered by a billowing network of tepees and sustained by delicious vegetarian food, Pukka Herbs Ltd. held their tenth anniversary celebration.

Leading the presentations by management, department heads, suppliers, distributors and shop owners was key note speaker Bert Mulder of Cranmore Foundation who talked about how the wisdom of ancient traditions can be used for creating vital, sustainable businesses today. Prof Mulder talked about the four values found in concepts like Dharma and how they can create success for business and for individuals. His inspirational […]

USCapitalPartners CEO About Cranmore


“Working with Cranmore Foundation at a three-day seminar provided inspiration and insight on the importance of a values-based approach to banking and finance. Dr Geary and Prof. Mulder helped us reflect […]

Breakwater Investment Management, LLC


A three-day seminar with Cranmore Foundation offered the opportunity to deeply reflect on the importance of values as guiding principles in asset management. Prof. Mulder and Dr Geary broadened the discussion beyond commonplace compliance and best practices to the notion of how deep values create lasting worth for business and society.

Their presentation affirmed our own conviction that a values-based business model is the right way forward for revitalising investment and business. In actual practice, we have found that a values-based approach to our principal investment/asset management strategy has produced tangible results, such as […]