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The Acorn School conference on education


Cranmore Foundation recently participated in a conference on education held at The Acorn School, at Nailsworth in Gloucester UK. The focus of the conference was the values of the Acorn School and the potential for the school’s pedagogy and ethos to be shared with other schools who have expressed an interest in the work of founders Mr Graeme Whiting and Mrs Sarah Whiting.

The Acorn School is based largely on the Steiner education model which is aimed at the wholesome development of the student. As the schools vision statement states: “The child is at the very centre […]

USCapitalPartners CEO About Cranmore


“Working with Cranmore Foundation at a three-day seminar provided inspiration and insight on the importance of a values-based approach to banking and finance. Dr Geary and Prof. Mulder helped us reflect […]

Breakwater Investment Management, LLC


A three-day seminar with Cranmore Foundation offered the opportunity to deeply reflect on the importance of values as guiding principles in asset management. Prof. Mulder and Dr Geary broadened the discussion beyond commonplace compliance and best practices to the notion of how deep values create lasting worth for business and society.

Their presentation affirmed our own conviction that a values-based business model is the right way forward for revitalising investment and business. In actual practice, we have found that a values-based approach to our principal investment/asset management strategy has produced tangible results, such as […]