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Careful Listening


In my last post I touched on the fundamental role that empathy plays in helping us live happy, meaningful lives. Careful listening is an expression of empathy. It’s probably one of the most powerful and useful skills we can practice. It’s the basis of wholesome relationships and a remedy for relationships that are not working. When we are able to listen carefully, we earn the other person’s trust and respect, which in turn can help them listen to our views.

A better way?

If careful listening is so helpful, why don’t we […]



Empathy plays an important role in our ability to live a happy, meaningful life. For most of us, empathy is a quality that comes naturally, in part because we are social creatures who survive by helping each other.

Our self-interest is, more often than not, better served when others’ interests are also well served. In his Social Conquest of the Earth, the scientist E.O. Wilson discusses how eusocial species, such as humans, thrive and dominate because highly cooperative groups beat poorly cooperative groups. In other words it makes good survival sense to get along and cooperate […]

Living Wisdom – Managing Changes



People often consult me at times of crisis in their lives. Unexpected change knocks them off balance or rocks their otherwise smooth running life styles. It happens to all of us at one time or another. Generally speaking (and there are exceptions) we all want stability, predictability and the ease of the familiar. We all know that we can get more done, be more creative and enjoy life more when things are going according to plan.

But it doesn’t always work that way. Life is designed for change – and for good reason. Most […]

The launch of my new website.


Welcome to the launch of my new website.

My hope is that the site will be a place for people to explore and discuss how wisdom traditions can contribute to improving people’s quality of life and making a better world. I’ve experienced how these knowledge systems can improve people’s lives in a practical way.

I think there is much more to discover, ideas and principles that might contribute to helping us design a more equitable, harmonious and conscious world. I invite you to read my blog, participate in our Learning Circle, attend our […]

Pukka Herbs and ancient wisdom


On a warm sunny day, high on a hill overlooking Chew Magna lake, sheltered by a billowing network of tepees and sustained by delicious vegetarian food, Pukka Herbs Ltd. held their tenth anniversary celebration.

Leading the presentations by management, department heads, suppliers, distributors and shop owners was key note speaker Bert Mulder of Cranmore Foundation who talked about how the wisdom of ancient traditions can be used for creating vital, sustainable businesses today. Prof Mulder talked about the four values found in concepts like Dharma and how they can create success for business and for individuals. His inspirational […]