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About my early work … | Video


In this session Michael speaks about some of his early work including his 2 books published by Thorsons Harper Collins called “Panchang Moon Astrology – How to do the right thing at the right time” and “Moon astrology for lovers”.

We cover an even bigger topic that involves the www.panchang.com website […]

The Use of Vedic Astrology in my Work


Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Rob Elings (of robelings.com) about the use of Vedic Astrology in my work with clients. I get to speak on some of my favourite topics and I think we touched on some very interesting perspectives that I hope will help you gain some new insights of your own.

On Relationships


Last month I consulted a few clients on the subject of love and relationships. I suspect it might have had something to do with Valentine’s day. One case was a woman who wanted to know ‘what the stars’ had to say about her new relationship. She was a long standing client and so knew that Vedic astrology is a lot more than simplistic ‘sun sign’ astrology. What she wanted was a compatibility chart and an understanding of the relationship’s potential. Where are its strengths or weaknesses? Where will we connect easily? What parts of the relationship might […]

Letting Go


“Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.”

– Hermann Hesse

After talking with a client the other day, I was thinking about the challenges she was facing in letting go of a part of her life that wasn’t working any more. She found it very difficult even though her attachment to that part of her life was recent and also a source of frustration.

There are plenty of reasons why we develop attachments to places, things and people and some of these are healthy […]

Swipe and Touch


If you are like me you use your smart phone a lot. Texts, emails, calls, weather, stocks, Facebook, internet and so much more is available at the touch of our handy screens. Making a phone call seems the least important of its features. For instance I can now make astronomically complex Vedic astrology charts in a few seconds on my phone, a task that previously required a powerful PC. Being so good at what they do means they are now the focus of so much of what we do.

I recently had the uneasy thought that the use […]