Welcome to the launch of my new website.

My hope is that the site will be a place for people to explore and discuss how wisdom traditions can contribute to improving people’s quality of life and making a better world. I’ve experienced how these knowledge systems can improve people’s lives in a practical way.

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I think there is much more to discover, ideas and principles that might contribute to helping us design a more equitable, harmonious and conscious world. I invite you to read my blog, participate in our Learning Circle, attend our webinars and download my guide on ‘Being well – Doing well’, a little bit of wisdom to get the discussion going.

I want to thank my friends and clients for their support and encouragement, which in large part inspired the creation of this site. I especially want to thank Rob Elings / Digital Creative, who designed and built the site and who shared a few bits of web wisdom with me that he learned by attending Marie Forleo’s B-School course. Marie, thanks for inspiring Rob. I want to take your course next year!

Lastly, my thanks to my friend and partner Lucy for loving me and inspiring me. Prof Bert Mulder and his wife Hilde are my long time friends and colleagues who are original, deep and wise.

A long time ago, a wise old lady patiently helped me successfully manage a big transition in my life. When I asked how I could repay her, she told me to “pass it on and help others” when the opportunity presented itself. I hope the site succeeds in creating those opportunities and passing it on where it’s needed.

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Pax et Bonum

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